Window Seat

After seeing Warren and Maria's built in cabinets, Warren's sister Ashley and her husband Eric asked me to build them a window seat in their newly remodeled breakfast nook. They ripped out their old windows and installed these huge energy efficient ones which let in a ton of natural light, and provide great views into the beautiful Austin hill country.

I came over to discuss and brainstorm different styles and trims and then drew up some plans for what they wanted. Below is the end result. With this design, Ashley and Eric gain eleven cubic feet of storage space, and additional seating to the dining table.

Completion Time: 11 hours.

window seat window seat from livingroom from kitchen a room with a view from livingroom

And with the lid open.

left view front view right view

Below are a few shots of some detail work. It's kind of difficult to see, but in the first picture below, you can see how the inside 45° corner was created. There was a more rounded corner where the walls met as opposed to a sharp corner, so instead of a 45° cut, I had to improvise with two 22.5° cuts and a one inch straight piece.

view from kitchen brand! trim on right side