Inlayed Box

I know this great audiologist named Rosemary who works in the same office as my mom. As a Present to my sister, Rosemary had some ear buds custom molded to my sisters ears, which offer a comfortable fit and better sound quality. After seeing these, I wanted some too. I went to have Rosemary make some impressions of my ears to send off to the ear bud company. When they came in, she sent them to me in Austin and paid for them herself. I offered to repay her, but she wouldn't let me. Instead, I decided to make her something as a token of my appreciation. I wanted to make a small wooden box that I could stain a dark color, and I wanted to inlay her initials into the top of it in a lighter colored wood, with dovetailed joints. I chose red oak for the box and maple for the inlays.

Completion Time: 4 hours.

left front right
dovetail detail right side dovetail detail
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