Chess Cookie Cutters

After being inspired by this set, I wanted to get a set for a wedding gift. After a little research, the only set that I was able to find for purchase were available for $15/piece, so I set out to make my own. The pieces are constructed from 1" x 10" strips of hobby brass found at my local Ace Hardware. I drew up the designs for the pieces in Adobe Illustrator, and then bent the pieces accordingly. To get the proper curves, I used cylindrical objects such as a screwdriver, pvc pipe and a broom handle. The ends overlapped to allow for a secure solder joint. The overlap was then scuffed up with sandpaper, and flux was added before soldering the joint together. And because these would be in contact with food for a brief period of time, lead free solder was used. :)

To complete the set, I built a small box to house all the cutters to prevent them from being banged around in a kitchen drawer. The box itself is made of finish pine with a few coats of tung oil. Floral foam was used to prevent the cutters from moving around within the box.

Pictures of the inaugural game can be found here.

Completion Time: 3 hours.

completed gift completed gift

completed gift completed gift pawn

completed gift completed gift completed gift


pawn pawn pawn


rook rook rook


knight knight knight


bishop bishop bishop


queen queen queen


king king king

Board Cutter

board square board square board square